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Family law

Family law

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Family law is a special branch of law that regulates relations in the family, as well as family relationships with the society. Also, it is the specific legal doctrine that systematize existing legal norms regarding the family, it explains and analyzes, and makes propositions for new legislation.


As a separate legal discipline, family law can be defined in the narrow and broad sense. In the narrow sense of family law is a set of legal norms regulating relations in the family, and in a broader sense, family law regulates the relations between the family and society.

In the present family law,certain extralegal elements play a significant role. Family law is usually multidisciplinary and should be regarded as a matter of law. The application of family norms often isn’t possible without the involvement of experts from more areas of expertise, such as merrillville Family law attorney.

The term family law can be referred to the doctrine which systematically examines and explains the norms of family law. In addition to analysis of existing legal norms, this science, notes the imperfections of the existing domestic legislation, proposes amendments of existing or adopting new legislations.

Roman lawyer Gaius in his institution has made the first known division of the whole system of private law. He divided a civil law, a law which refers to citizens, a lawthat refers to things and law related to lawsuits. This institutional system is still basically valid in the countries of Roman law heritage (France, Switzerland, Austria).

Second insight puts family law in the wider system of civil law. Known as a pandectsystem of thewhole civil law isdivided into five parts, one of which is family law. According to this system are designed German, Greek and Japanese Civil Code.

Family law can be divided based on the following criteria:

How are family relations established, according to the nature of family relationships, the status and non-status family law, substantive and procedural family law and family law in the narrow and broad sense.

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